Version 1.0

MedicalSideFx is intended as an aid for discussion with your doctor. This information is not skewed by any commercial interest and reaches you advertisement free. We incorporate the most recent data available from Please do not stop or start taking any medication without consulting your doctor.

  • Provides the most frequent side effects
  • Three separate screens display symptoms reported, cases reported by year and age groups affected.
  • Valuable 'two-medicine' comparison feature allows you to see differences in side effects between two medicines.
  • The Display Meaning feature makes it easy to understand the phrases in the symptoms reported.
  • Very easily email the side effects results to your physician or doctor to communicate and discuss.
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 7.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.

Autocomplete makes it easier to input medicine names

Comparing two medicines provides valuable information

Touching the screen displays the meaning of the symptom

Fantastic app! Extremely useful and easy to navigate. Learn a drug's side effects and their prevalence in an instant! Particularly helpful is, that by simply holding your finger on the often technical "side effect", it will display the definition in lay men's terms!
Fast, simple, pertinent information that facilitates better decision-making!

- MostGratefulUser

This app is fast and very simple to use and provides quantified statistics of side effects one can discuss with the doctor. The age group tab is very relevant.

- SpringAllergy

Extremely simple to use and well designed. Very valuable info and can't wait to use it more. When is the next version coming?

- CoreOgi

Great app to look up side fx real quick.. You can quickly identify what to avoid.

- Andyk199

The idea of the app is very novel. It's a quick place for me to look up side effects associated to any drug, especially useful if you are allergic.

- Nish M

A great way to educate yourself with reported side effects of the medicines you are taking and discuss them with your doctor if you have any concerns.

- Pkongara

Awesome App .. so user friendly.. if you want to know the side effects of any medicine.. it is now literally at your fingertips..

- Grouponlover2

1. Extremely good quality interface 2. Accurate (I checked some figures) 3. Very useful for a quick review of one's medications 4. I have never seen anything like thus before 5. Can be a boon for better and safer understanding of the medicines that one is consuming Strongly recommended for anyone concerned or paranoid about medicines and their side-effects!!!

- Drab1203
Where can I get support?

You can write to

How often is the data updated in the App?

FDA provides quarterly updates to adverse events data and its available in our app within a day after that.

How do you compare the side effects two medicines?

You separate the medicine names with a comma for example type "motrin , aleve".

How do I find the meanings of the symtoms displayed?

You can touch the row displaying the symptom and the meaning will be displayed.

MedicalSideFx App

Medical Side is a value added analysis website that provides an easy view of adverse events as reported by FDA. The founder, Mr. Sanjay Subramanian, an engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India and a Bay Area resident, firmly believes in utilizing technology to convert large data sets into meaningful information that makes it easy for people to read and understand. This project and website is dedicated to his late uncle Dr. Indra Bhargava.

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MedicalSideFx 1.0

Released on March 5th 2014
  • The Display Meaning feature makes it easy to understand the phrases in the symptoms reported.
  • Very easily email the side effects results to your physician or doctor to communicate and discuss.

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